Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Visitors of REBELLiON witnessed the first edition of The Impulse last Sunday, a spectacular show in which the show element plays a major role on the immense main stage of the event. It was none other than Rebelion who got the opportunity to show their last performance of The Second Dose in Europe in this setting. “Welcome back, did you think we were finished with you? Well, you were wrong.”

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With countless performances at home and abroad, a place on The Spotlight on Defqon.1 and the Supremacy anthem to their name, the men of Rebelion have undoubtedly had their most successful year ever. Last Friday there was also the long-awaited release of the album The Second Dose – which reached 1 million streams on Spotify within a day. In short, the career of the Scottish duo is booming.

“REBELLiON, it’s time for your Second Dose”

A nice milestone to add to the above list is the first The Impulse set on the main stage of REBELLiON. During this set, Rebelion will be on European ground for the last time with their popular live act The Second Dose. It is therefore fitting that the set starts with an edit of the track ‘Salvation‘. The lyrics of the song, “one last chance for salvation”, fit the situation perfectly.

Rebelion - The Second Dose final show - The Impulse REBELLiON

With The Impulse, REBELLiON shows what the 100% raw hardstyle event has to offer in terms of music and show. The trippy visuals of The Second Dose look even better on the large screens that cover the entire main stage. A skull with syringes filled with green liquid, a hand with an eye in the palm and the well-known teddy bear with lasers from its eyes – all the Overdose visuals pass by at breakneck speed. Add to that a large number of lights that quickly change color to the beat of the music, and you have the atmosphere of this 45-minute set.

Rebelion: “It’s time to enter… the real simulation”

One of the highlights of the set is ‘SIMU FCKN LATION‘, where the audience not only shouts along to the lyrics, but also joins in with the melody of the song at the top of their lungs. When MC Livid then shouts the words “everybody scream” through the microphone, a scream is heard from the audience that is probably still reverberating in Haaren at this moment. The crowd is frenzied. At the front you see more people with handmade Overdose jackets than you can count on one hand.

Everyone in the massive tent loses their mind when ‘DOMINATION‘ is played, and during the zaagkicks of ‘D L FCKN M’ and the edit of Rebel[ut]ion bootleg ‘Do You Like Bass’ all hands go up in the air. And to demonstrate once again how frantically the audience participated during the entire set: even the very last words of the last song on the album, ‘CRASH THE SYSTEM‘, are heard at the end of the set. shouted by many Rebelion enthusiasts. This brings an end to the impressive live show.

Rebelion - The Second Dose final show - The Impulse REBELLiON

Pre-register for REBELLiON Outdoor Festival

The Impulse by REBELLiON serves as an impressive calling card for the show possibilities during the 100% raw event. Last weekend the news also came out that the organisation will hit the beach next year with an outdoor festival on August 3, 2024. You can now pre-register via the official website.

Images via REBELLiON / Menno

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