Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Rebelion has finally revealed the big news with the announcement of the new label Acid Reign. In collaboration with Dirty Workz, the brand new label bosses are having big plans – including the release of their upcoming album. “We’re here to take over.”

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For some time now, the reporting concerning Rebelion has been quite mysterious and so the name Acid Reign came up more and more often. It now appears to be a new label, which will not only be a platform for the Scottish duo, but also to pick up talents. “The ambition of starting our own label has been on our minds for a long time”, says Rebelion. “Now the time felt right. “

“Acid Reign is a message received from an unidentified dimension. Once decoded, it’s found in its purest form: hard fucking music.”

After 8 years of many releases and more than 300 performances, Rebelion takes the next step with Acid Reign. The official Spotify playlist has already been created and the first releases are scheduled as well. “Over the past few months we have been working on our new upcoming album. This album makes its debut on ‘Acid Reign’.” More about this will be announced later.

Rebelion: “We’re stoked to share the news that we’ve launched our own label ‘Acid Reign’, powered by Dirty Workz!”

Follow Acid Reign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on everything to come. “We are here to spread an alternate possibility. Join us or don’t.”

Footage taken from Facebook page Rebelion

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