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Rebelion and Vertile started with a standing ovation during their Indoor Mainstage. The extended tent at Intents Festival filled up in no time for the two main acts, who managed to whip up the audience with a hell of a set.

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The hosting of the Indoor Mainstage is a great honor every year: that’s why Intents could hardly ignore the fact that the Rebelion and Vertile would take on this task in the kingdom. After they kicked off the weekend separately with their live acts on the mainstage yesterday, the big moment of their combined hosting finally arrived today. “A unique spectacle that you should not miss.”

The intro starts at 15:30 sharp. The tent is already packed with thousands of visitors when Rebelion and Vertile appear behind the decks of The Great Hall. The men start with ‘Numb’ and you immediately notice that this activates the ‘on switch’ for the visitors. Confetti flies into the air during the drop and they sing along with ‘City Lights’ loudly from front to back.

In between, the new Vertile ID ‘Goodbye’ comes along and Rebelion’s ‘Das Ist Kein Techno’ blows people off their imaginary seats. The kicks come in so hard that you feel the bass vibrate in your throat: this Indoor Mainstage gets better every year and is therefore a big attraction for Saturday. Perfect for acts like Rebelion and Vertile.

Rebelion and Vertile underline their blazing form for gigantic Indoor Mainstage

Both acts perform on the enormous stage a total of four times today – in unique combinations such as Rebelion vs. Adjuzt and Vertile vs. Phuture Noize. Who should host the Indoor Mainstage next year? The pre-registration for Intents Festival 2024 – Into The Wild started this weekend.


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Footage taken from Facebook page Intents Festival / SPARK

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