Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

With more than 25,000 visitors, REBELLiON can be called the largest RAW weekend of the year. With only a few weeks left until the event kicks off, we share 9 reasons to get your weekend tickets for REBELLiON. “Enter two days of REBELLiON and experience all our REBEL leaders during the only RAW weekend festival of the year! We will ensure it’s going to be legendary from start to finish.”

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1. 60+ artists in one weekend

On REBELLiON you will find no less than 60+ of the best RAW artists in one weekend. The biggest and most popular names can be found on stage. Adjuzt, Cryex, Rooler, D-Sturb, Dual Damage, Aversion, Rebelion, Sickmode… and the list goes on. Check the full line-up here.

2. Anthem by Cryex, Rejecta and MC Livid

The anthem for REBELLiON 2023 is provided by none other than Cryex, Rejecta and MC Livid. “We asked three of our biggest RAW defiants to create an anthem that will overcome your fear and lead the way through the phenomena of THE ECLIPSE!”

The release of the anthem ‘THE ECLIPSE’ is scheduled for Thursday, November 2, 2023 – plenty of time to memorize it completely and shout along at the top of your lungs during the event. Pre-save the anthem here.

3. Many different and unique B2Bs

B2B sets have recently become increasingly popular, and many of these unique sets can also be found on REBELLiON. For example, consider Adaro vs. Level One, Fraw vs. Unresolved, Krowdexx vs. Mish and Act of Rage vs. Killshot.


4. Special live acts from Bloodlust, The Purge and more

During REBELLiON you can enjoy a remarkable number of special live acts. Think of Anderex & Mutilator pres. Neon Future, Bloodlust pres. The Assassination, The Purge: Beyond trippin’ and Deluzion pres. Paranoid.

5. The last Overdose: The Second Dose set

Rebelion fans pay attention! The last Overdose: The Second Dose set is on the program on Sunday under the title ‘The Impulse by The Second Dose – The Final Show’. The REBELLiON organization previously announced on Instagram: “Expect a spectacular light show, flames and fireworks during this extra-long 45-minute set!”


6. Final Playground 06: Limitless by D-Sturb

A milestone is also planned for D-Sturb during REBELLiON. After five previous Playground shows, he concludes his live-act series on Saturday with Final Playground 06: Limitless. Of course this is accompanied by a new song and a great show, so you shouldn’t miss this.

7. Boiler Room Opening Show by Gezellige Uptempo

On Sunday, the event will open in a way that only the men of Gezellige Uptempo can. So arrive on time, and make sure you don’t miss the Boiler Room Opening Show. Please note: this exclusive opening show is only for people with a weekend ticket.

8. Incredible show

If REBELLiON is known for anything, it is for its incredible show. Everything is pulled out at the event, and it shows. Think LED screens, pyro, countless colorful lasers… Check out the official recap of 2022 here and you’ll see exactly what we mean.


9. Easily accessible

REBELLiON is easily accessible by public transport and a shuttle bus. This year, shuttle buses will depart from ‘s Hertogenbosch as well as from Breda. Do you want to spend the night in a hotel in Tilburg?  There are special deals with a number of hotels where you will be picked up from the hotel in the afternoon and brought back home in the evening. Check this web page for all options.

The Saturday of REBELLiON is almost sold out and weekend tickets are also selling fast. REBELLiON will take place on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November 2023 in The Dome in Haaren. For tickets and more information, visit the event’s official website. Don’t wait too long to buy your tickets, because REBELLiON sells out completely every year.

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