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By Mark de Rond

Since a few hours we can enjoy the debut album of the live-act Rebel[ut]ion. Earlier they hinted to a free albumrelease but now they dropped the album by which they fulfilled their promise. 

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Rebel[ut]ion, which consists of the raw hardstyle duo Rebelion and MC Livid, already hinted to a free album release last week. The fans of the live-act had to do something before they were rewarded with the release of their debut album. If the Shockerz recap on the Facebook page of Rebelion was shared over 1500 times the act would release the album for free. The post is shared over 1800 times so the guys have fulfilled their promise by dropping the album for free.

Tracklist Rebel[ut]ion album
  1. Rebel[ut]ion – Confronting Violence edit
  2. Rebel[ut]ion – Cry for you (Bootleg)
  3. Rebel[ut]ion – Dark Universe (Rebelion remix) edit
  4. Rebel[ut]ion – Day & Night (Bootleg)
  5. Rebel[ut]ion – Demolition Merren Kessel 
  6. Rebel[ut]ion – Do You Like Bass (Bootleg)
  7. Rebel[ut]ion – Feeel The Powerrr
  8. Rebel[ut]ion – Generate (Bootleg)
  9. Rebel[ut]ion – Get Ur Freakz Oot
  10. Rebel[ut]ion – Rampage (Bootleg)
  11. Rebel[ut]ion – Right Here (Bootleg)
  12. Rebel[ut]ion – Turbulance (Bootleg)
  13. Rebel[ut]ion – Without Me (Bootleg)


Rebel[ut]ion released a free album

With a comment at their Shockerz recap on their Facebook page they released the album. In this comment they thanked the fans for their support this year and they gave the link to the album. Click here to listen to the debut album of Rebel[ut]ion.

Photo by Rebel[ut]ion

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