Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

With the start of ticket sales, it shows that REBiRTH Festival has big plans for the next festival season. The annual kick-off will be more extensive than ever: including a third full festival day, extra stages with all harder styles and an even larger campsite. “This is your captain speaking!”

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Now that the days are getting darker, the big news from REBiRTH is bringing the sunshine. For example, the doors of the site will open earlier on Friday, so that a third full festival day is possible. This time even with an extra RAW and Hardcore/Uptempo stage, so that you can enjoy the whole weekend here as a lover of these styles.

The Saturday of REBiRTH Festival has also received a number of major upgrades. With an even larger REBELLiON and Uptempo area, a special ‘Lift Off Show’ on the mainstage and a euphoric stage (which has been moved to Saturday). Sunday gets a new outer space mainstage hosting, a new REVELATiON area and the talent stage moves to this last day. Also, there are extra activities on the campsite all weekend long: “Can’t sleep? No problem, we got you covered all weekend long!”

REBiRTH Festival takes the kick-off of the festival season to a new level: “Board our REBiRTH enterprise!”

REBiRTH Festival takes place from Friday 14 April to Sunday 16 April 2023 in Haaren. Tickets are now available again via the festival’s official website.

Footage taken from Facebook page REBiRTH Festival / MNO Photo

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