Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The organization of REBiRTH Festival has unveiled the full line-up with an impressive number of artists. With more than 170 artists and 15 areas in 3 days, the first step towards the festival season in The Netherlands has finally been taken.

READ: ‘REBiRTH is the perfect kick-off of the festival season’

REBiRTH Festival has been known for years as the kick-off of the festival season: the weekend in which visitors and artists can ‘finally go outside again’. This feeling is stronger than ever, because it has been 3 years since we kicked off the festival summer in Haaren. But after all the long wait, it seems to be happening again in 3 months.

The entire focus is on the festival season and REBiRTH underlines this with the huge reveal of the line-up. Think of the biggest artists on the mainstage (which on Sunday is all about the exclusive album hosting of Rebelion), that massive REBELLiON tent filled with lots of live-acts, battles and showcases and the bigger hardcore heroes at the REVENGE stage. Check out the full REBiRTH Festival 2022 line-up below that you really don’t want to miss as a harder styles lover.

Many firsts at REBiRTH: including two new stages

In addition, REBiRTH has added two brand new areas to the festival. Fans of uptempo hardcore can find names such as Dimitri K, The Dark Horror and Major Conspiracy at the RESiST and the up-and-coming talent will be found at the RELEASE area. In total there are still 6 spots left on the line-up: The Road To The REBiRTH Mainstage will decide who will take the last spots on the talent stage and the winner will even get the chance to open the first mainstage of the festival season on Sunday.

And what is a weekend without camping? REBiRTH has now even more in store for visitors from Friday to Sunday. The REBiRTH Residence Camping has been expanded again, with several areas and even more accommodations – so that you and your friends can get the most out of the kick-off of the festival season.

REBiRTH Festival: “The Harder styles kick-off your Festival Season!”

Whether you like Hardstyle, RAW, Hardcore or Uptempo, REBiRTH Festival 2022 has it all on April 8, 9 and 10. Get your REBiRTH Festival Tickets for the old price (with a discount of up to €10) before 1 February via the festival’s official website. “Let’s unite again!”


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REBiRTH Festival 2022 line-up


Act of Rage | Adrenalize | D-Sturb | Deadly Guns | Frequencerz | Sound Rush | Villain DJ Set | MC Da Syndrome

Crypton | D-Attack | Hypnose | Imperial | Invector | Ressurectz | Shockwave | Spectre | Vyral | MC Barricade


Act of Rage | atmozfears pres. my story LIVE | D-Block & S-te-Fan | Demi Kanon | D-Sturb LIVE ANTHEM SHOWCASE | Gunz For Hire NEW SHOW | Jay Reeve presents T.A.F.O.F. Experience | KELTEK | Phuture Noize | Radical Redemption | Ran-D | Sound Rush | Stormerz | Sub Zero Project: Renaissance of Rave LIVE | Warface Forgotten Future LIVE | Villain

Adaro vs. Kronos | Bloodlust | Digital Punk vs. Voidax | E-Force | Killshot pres. BEASTMODE LIVE | Malice | Neroz “Supercharged” LIVE | Radianze | Rebelion vs. Rejecta | RE-GAIN “Square One” LIVE | Riot Shift | Rooler & Sickmode present: The Gang LIVE | Thyron | Vertile pres. Vertile’s Dimension | MC Livid

AniMe | Deadly Guns LIVE | D-Fence | Dr. Peacock | F.Noize | GPF | Never Surrender | Nosferatu Album Showcase | N-Vitral | Partyraiser | Spitnoise | T-Go | Tha Playah | Tha Watcher

Aversion pres. The Essentials | Cryex | Deluzion | Fraw vs. So Juice | Krowdexx vs. Physika | Luminite vs. The Straikerz | Mutilator LIVE | Ncrypta | RVAGE | Scarra vs. Vasto | The Purge | Udex ‘Shape The Future’ LIVE | Unresolved | MC Focus

Adrenalize | Alphaverb | Atmozfears | D-Block & S-te-Fan | Donkey Rollers LIVE | Jones | Josh & Wesz | Noisecult | Psyko Punkz | Ran-D | The Pitcher | The Vision | MC Da Syndrome

Abaddon | Barber | Basspunkz | Dimitri K | Major Conspiracy | Manifest Destiny | Soulblast | Sprinky | The Dark Horror | Trespassed vs. Vandal!sm | Tukkertempo | MC RG

Cold Confusion | EMS: The Hardstyle Family | Luner | PL4Y | Resensed | Serzo | Winner #2 Road To REBiRTH Mainstage | Winner #3 Road To REBiRTH Mainstage | Winner #4 Road To REBiRTH Mainstage | Winner #5 Road To REBiRTH Mainstage | Winner #6 Road To REBiRTH Mainstage | MC Flo


REBiRTH hosted by Rebelion
Devin Wild – D-Sturb vs. Vertile | E-Force vs. Killshot vs. Warface | Hard Driver | Primeshock | Rebelion Exclusive Album Showcase | Rebelion pres. Overdose LIVE | Rebelion vs. Sub Zero Project | Rejecta | Sickmode | Winner #1 Road To REBiRTH Mainstage | Villain

Access One | Andy The Core 10 Years Showcase | Angerfist | Billx | Dither | DRS | JuliëX Album Showcase | Mad Dog | Miss K8 | Re-Style | Sefa | Tha Watcher 

Reborn Euphoric
A-Rize vs. JGSW | Audiotricz | AVI8 | Clockartz Sunset Session | Demi Kanon | Ecstatic | Envine presents: Melodica LIVE | Galactixx | Jay Reeve | Solstice | Xense | MC DL

Adaro | Avio LIVE | Crypsis: Statement of Intent & Cryptology | Degos & Re-Done | DJ Thera vs. Geck-o | High Voltage | Phrantic | Solutio | MC Livid

Bizzey | Derek Shots | Diaz & Bruno | JeMatthy | LA$$A | Mamba | Smèrrig Diskjochies | Team Rush Hour | Thornballin’

REBiRTH Feest Arena
Arjon Oostrom | Bart van Dishoeck | Dennis Beso | Frank Smeekens | Jan Biggel | Tim Schalkx | Tommy Santo | Zanger Kafke

Footage taken from Facebook page REBiRTH Festival

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