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By Wouter de Vink

Refract has been working on the hardstyle scene for a while, which resulted in a record deal with Scantraxx Carbon and a first booking in a sold-out Live For This in the AFAS Live. The corona situation threw a spanner in the works, but right now the talent wants to make himself heard with a brand new EP and a liveset called ‘Refraction live’: “You haven’t seen this side of me yet.”

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It is even more difficult for talents to stand out in this period of time, but Refract does everything possible. His special Refraction LIVE set has been recorded on top of 3000 liters of water (!) and offers half an hour of his own tracks only. “It had to be more than just a few songs mixed together”, says Refract. “This is a real showcase of what I’ve been doing in recent months. I consciously chose not to include tracks from other artists in the set, so that it really remained a Refract set.”

Since 2019, Refract has been a growing name in the hardstyle genre and set the tone during his debut on Scantraxx with the track ‘Can’t Breathe’ on the BLACK Box EP. With Refraction live, he wants to present himself to the audience and also put his forthcoming release Illusion in the spotlight: an EP with a rawer approach than his previous tracks. “I think it’s super cool to explore this side of rawstyle. This sound is completely new and super energetic.” Illusion will be released on the Scantraxx Carbon label on May 7th and can be pre-saved now.

Refract shows what he’s capable of with Illusion EP: “The best parties are yet to come”

He does not have to think long about an answer to the question what the future will look like for Refract. “If you ask me, the best parties are yet to come. We are going to party all pent up frustration and I can’t wait to be part of it.” Musically we can expect a lot of new tracks and also a number of collaborations. “In 2020 I didn’t release much, but that will be made up for in 2021 with the new tracks that I have finished – including very raw and melodic tracks.” He doesn’t want to name any names in the field of collabs, but he admits that we can expect great combinations in this area. “We’ve only just started!”

Refraction Live is now available on Refract’s YouTube channel. Pre-save the Illusion EP now, so it will automatically appear in your library on May 7th.

Footage taken from Facebook page Refract

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