Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

The word is out! Regain just announced his album “Point of no Return” during his liveact at Decibel Outdoor. Earlier we saw a banner at Fatality Outdoor which included a morsecode with a hidden message.

There were a lot of speculations and most of the people thought about a new Regain event. But during his liveact it was made clear that this message was about his upcoming album. He did this in a spectacular way by shooting T-shirts with the album announcement into the crowd. He explained that the earlier ‘TBA’ tracks will appear on the album and that he wants to present a diverse sound with his new tracks. We already heard tracks with several interesting influences form other styles, like ‘hardtechno’ influences in his track “The Greatest Show”. So far, he also shared the studio with Phuture Noize, The Machine & MC Renegade, Sub Sonik and recently with his label buddy: Insidiouz. He premiered this last collaboration during his liveact.

The exact release date for the album is still unknown, but next week the first preview will appear. Pawel: “I don’t want people to wait for too long. That’s why I will get people warmed up by releasing my track ’Regain – About Me’ as solo release. The videoclip will be online next week!”

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