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By Mark de Rond

The Polish DJ Regain will soon come out with a new solo album. The raw hardstyle artist revealed this news last weekend, during his set at Shockerz 2018 – Subject Hostile.

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Regain performed his live-act ‘Out of Bounds’ for the last time at Shockerz, but he did announce some big news during that set. He will come out with a brand new solo album. This year he played a lot of new tracks during his live-act, but it isn’t clear if these tracks will be on the album as well. A few days before the event he hinted to something special during an interview. Probably he talked about the announcement of this new solo album here.

Regain is working on his second album

Back in 2017 Regain dropped his first album Point of No Return, while he released his latest track ‘Dominate’ last november. The name of Pawels new solo album and the release date, both aren’t clear at this point.

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Sick atmosphere & the announcement of my NEW SOLO ALBUM! ✊

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