Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Today marks the day of Regain’s first release of the year. The track has been immensely popular with the public since the Polish DJ played this track for the first time, during This Is Regain in 2023. The release of ‘Technobeat’ marks the beginning of a new chapter for Regain.

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Even before the release of ‘Technobeat’, the track already played a major role in his performance at Shockerz. There, Regain managed to effortlessly transform the main stage of the event into a Boiler Room XXL, where there was a rush for places to sit behind the DJ. Regain played 13 new tracks during this set, including ‘Technobeat’.

Regain kicks off the year with the release of ‘Technobeat’

Performing in the many Boiler Rooms last year gave Regain a major motivation boost in the field of production. The intimate atmosphere in the Boiler Rooms gave him the opportunity to try out new tracks and new sounds. The entire setting gave him the inspiration for the track ‘Technobeat’.

For this track, Regain went way out of his comfort zone: he uses gated kicks in the track, something he has not often done before. The break of the track is, as the name of the track suggests, a beat that fully complies with techno standards. However, it doesn’t stop there – the track evolves into a track with a big raw kick, as we have come to expect from Regain.

More releases and new live act planned for Regain

After the release of ‘Technobeat’, Regain does not plan to sit back and relax. In the near future, his brand new collaboration with Exproz and the track ‘Pop It’ are also on the release schedule. In addition to these releases, the Polish DJ is preparing for the next phase of his career. He will soon start a new chapter, with a brand new live act. More information will be announced soon.

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