Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Wesley Joosten, better known as Rejecta, has made his way to the top of the harder styles within a very short amount of time. After successful releases and grand performances, he has just announced he is coming out with his very first album. 

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At WOW WOW he was crowned the ‘Best Raw Breaktrough 2018’, his tracks like ‘Followed’ are being played at basicly every event, and he was announced a definitive member of the Roughstate label. Even though Rejecta had his first performance only one year ago, he has made his way to the top of hardstyle and is now ready to secure his place with the debut album. According to the announcement we can expect a lot of new tracks:

“His career has skyrocketed and his life was a complete rollercoaster last year, which was the inspiration for this album. The album will contain familiar tracks that have caused the Rise of Rejecta, but of course also a lot of new stuff.”

Rejecta is coming out with a brand new and very first album ‘Rise of Rejecta’

It is yet to be announced when the debut album Rise of Rejecta will be officially released at Roughstate. We do know you’ll be able to hear it LIVE for the first time at QAPITAL, which will take place the 6th of April at the Ziggo Dome. Tickets for QAPITAL are available at Hotel Packages including tickets are available at As a vistor, you’ll also be able to pre-order the brand new anthem first:

“We can expect an energetic set with a lot of drive, euphoric but also dark melodies and a mix between older and new tracks. MC Da Syndrome will be our host during these insane 30 minutes. All QAPITAL visitors will receive a special link after the event to be the first to pre-order the album.”

Footage via Facebook-page Rejecta

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