Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

In preparation to Hard Bass, a lot of DJ’s are releasing and teasing new tracks. Rejecta is doing that as well. Last night, he teased 4 brand new and upcoming tracks for Hard Bass, while his first booking was less than a year ago.

Rejecta posted a short video on his Facebook page in which he previewed all the upcoming tracks. Three of the four tracks are in collaboration with other DJ’s. He teamed up with E-Force, Artifact and the hardcore artist Restrained. The last track is a solo-track of Rejecta himself. If we will hear all these new tracks during Hard Bass isn’t clear, but it looks like he was hinting to that. “Hard Bass, are you ready?”, he wrote at his post. The collab with E-Force is almost guaranteed for Hard Bass, because both DJ’s will perform in Team Red. Check out the previews down below.

Rejecta comes with 3 collabs and 1 solo-track

With these new tracks, Rejecta is expanding his discography, which consisted of 5 tracks. The raw-hardstyle DJ is rising fast. Last year he did receive the award for ‘Best Raw Breaktrough of 2018’ during WOWWOW.

Photo by Facebook page Shockerz

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