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At the moment, Requiem is working hard at the studio. Last week he announced his brand news live-act The Reckoning and last night the DJ had news again. He will come with a collab together with Deadly Guns.

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By a post on his Instagram, Requiem let his fans know that he and Deadly Guns are working on a collab. It’s the first time that these two artists are working together for a track. “Deadly Guns x Requiem, expect the unexpected”, Boray wrote at his post. Possibly this track has something to do with the brand new and upcoming live-act of Requiem. What the track will be named and when it will be released isn’t clear at this stage.

Deadly Guns and Requiem come with a collab

It isn’t the first time that the uptempo hardcore DJ Deadly Guns is working together with a hardstyle artist. Earlier on, he collaborated with Warface, while he announced a collab with Killshot hardly two weeks ago.


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Deadly Guns x Requiem… expect the unexpected 🔥🔥

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Photo by Instagram page Requiem and Instagram page Deadly Guns 

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