Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

The men of Riot Shift are working hard and they’re coming with much new music. This isn’t the only thing they’ve announced, since the duo has also posted with which big artists it will be working in the studio. “We’re working on multiple dream collabs currently.”

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The fame of Riot Shift has grown a lot in the past year with tracks like ‘Pulsar’ and ‘Boundaries’. Many fans of the German duo have been asking for collaborations with Delete and Malice for a long time. The men of Riot Shift never hide they would love to make a track with these DJs, but now the time is really here. “These collabs are both happening”, is what the men posted in a Q&A on Instagram.

Riot Shift is producing a lot, since besides these tracks, there are also three other collabs and four solo tracks in the making. “We hope to finish everything as soon as possible.” With all these productions, the duo is preparing itself for all the festivals where it will perform this summer, because the men have a busy schedule. They will be playing at Intents Festival, Defqon.1, Fatality, The Qontinent and Decibel outdoor for example.

Riot Shift is working with Delete and Malice

In the near future, Riot Shift is focusing itself on finishing many new tracks. To stay up to date about this new productions, go to the Instagram page of the duo.

Photo by Facebook page Riot Shift

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