Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

It often happens that different artists of the harder styles create a collaboration together. Quite commonly you’ll hear collabs between rawstyle and hardcore artists, but at this very moment, something special is being produced. Rooler and Sefa are in the studio making a new track. This means Gearbox rawstyle is going to be influenced by the musicgenre which is known for 200+ BPM, also known as frenchcore.

It’s difficult to reckon what is going to be the result of their work in the studio. Collaborations between rawstyle and frenchcore are yet to be unseen. On this day, there haven’t been produced any tracks of this mixed genre. Another reason for us to be curious to this extreme combination of the harder styles.

Besides, Sefa, also known as Sefa Vlaarkamp, is only 17 years old. That obviously means nothing regarding his producing and mixing qualities, since the DJ has already released several tracks on Peacock Records. Examples of this are ‘Singing A Song’, ‘LSD Problem’ and ‘Flowing River’. Then, his set at Defqon. 1 Festival went viral too. On Youtube many fans commented that he played the best set of the day. Sefa played on Sunday at the Yellow stage as one of the first DJ’s. However, this didn’t matter at all since the area was fully booked with frenchcore lovers.

In the video below you’ll see a preview of the new track. Ears will be damaged as this track will be played through your speakers. So, if any of the DJ’s performs at a event you’re visiting in the future, do not forget to take your earprotection with you.

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