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By Bob Ligthart

According to Rooler there is a new anthem in the making. The Italian raw hardstyle DJ doesn’t say for what festival the track is yet, but his fans are speculating already.

You can’t think of a festival without Rooler nowadays. His fame has grown tremendously in the last couple of years with tracks like Watch Your Back’, ‘Survive The Streets’, ‘Domination’ en YES!’. Now i’ts time for a new anthem by Rooler, but for which festival?

Het posted a photo on his socials with the text: “I’m working on an anthem btw.” Rooler responds like always in his own style on comments below his photo. “Bedum Fiets Festival Open Air 2K19”, is one of his answers on the question for what festival the anthem is.

Rooler busy on a new anthem, but which?

The Italian announced earlier this year that he would come with an album in 2019. It’s not clear if the anthem will be on it.


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