Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Scantraxx is coming with a brand new label for talented raw hardstyle producers. One year after the establishment of BLACK, the aim is now to guide upcoming talent through the new Scantraxx CARBON towards a spot on the harder mainlabel.

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Last year, quite a few new names joined Scantraxx SILVER, which used to be the place for mostly euphoric names. “The expectation was that the merging of talented euphoric and raw Hardstyle artists would be possible on one label. Only the influx of raw Hardstyle artists on Scantraxx SILVER grew the need to set apart the 2 subgenres to give the opportunity to give a stronger branding to both the artists and the labels”, according to Scantraxx. That’s why it has founded a new raw hardstyle sublabel, called Scantraxx CARBON.

Because of this, names such as Imperatorz, Deluzion, Rogue Zero, Level One, Crossfight, Nightcraft, Refract, Revive, and many more to come, will release their tracks on the brand new sublabel. To begin with Imperatorz on the 2nd of June, followed by Nightcraft on the 5th of June and Crossfight on the 9th of June. “CARBON stands for tough, powerful and high quality.”

From sublabel to main: via SILVER/CARBON towards Scantraxx (BLACK)

Now that there’s an extra label available, it gives talents the opportunity to develop themselves even more. On the euphoric side this means that the artist is able to grow from X-Bone to SILVER to Scantraxx, and on the raw side this means a growth platform from X-Raw to CARBON to Scantraxx BLACK.

Footage taken from Facebook page Scantraxx


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    Scantraxx is doing whatever to try to stay relevant lmao


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