Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

Scantraxx Recordz, the label of DJ The Prophet, has started the year 2017 very good with the organisation of a ‘Writingcamp’. More than 30 artists will come together for a writingcamp with the duration of 4 days to brainstorm and come up with new musical ideas and projects.

Scantraxx put out this statement on Social Media: “We are currently installing two luxurious villas for a 4 day producer camp with over 30 artists! This writerscamp will be the basis for 2017, a musical basic that is! We’re proud to dive into this brand new experience and we’ll keep all of you updated via social media during the next couple of days of everything that’s happening!”

collage-scnatraxx-campWith this new experience, Scantraxx hopes to lay out a new musical base for the year 2017. The following artists have already been spotted on Social Media:

DJ The Prophet
Max Enforcer
Davide Sonar
MC Da Syndrome
Prefix & Density
Sub Zero Project
Devin Wild
D-Block & S-Te-Fan

Looking at this list, we can conclude that there is a nice variation between experienced artists like The Prophet and D-Block & S-Te-Fan and younger talented artists like Devin Wild and Sub Zero Project. Hopefully this experiment will contribute to a beautifull year for the hardstyle scene.



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