Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Sefa is bothered by an excess of fake drops and bad kicks – also called the shock effect – within the harder styles. In PLAFONDDIENST – The Hardstyle Podcast, the harder styles star wonders whether we have reached the limit. “It is much easier to surprise the audience with a kick that breaks the sound barrier than with a crafty track full of emotion.”

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In the 12th episode of PLAFONDDIENST – The Hardstyle Podcast, Sefa talks about the (as he calls it) primate logic behind creating a shock effect during sets. “You play something, you hear the audience screaming and they do that more than with the previous track. In other words: play that track more often and make more tracks like that.” Result: countless fake drops that leave the dance floor in disarray. Which is at the expense of quality, Sefa believes.

“So much feeling is lost if you always aim for a shock effect”

According to the DJ who performs on the largest stages every week, this sets in motion an interaction, creating a certain sound that forces every DJ to move along in order to remain attractive live. At the moment, he believes, creating a shock effect is very predominant: “It is easier to create such a kick than a track full of craft and emotion, which is why DJs who follow this trend are now springing up like mushrooms.”

sefa over shock effect

Sefa himself occasionally uses a fake drop, but he makes sure that it does not dominate his sets. “I also sometimes use it as a tool to wake people up. But I never let it dominate the tone of a set, I just think that’s a shame. So much feeling is lost.”

According to Sefa, it started out as a joke with GPF, but nowadays he hears the artists who criticized his sound at the time doing the same. “Every now and then I really think: is it about the music, or is it about fooling people five times and then scaring them to death with an a-musical collection of tones? Then you have your crowd. had a reaction, or your dopamine shot: but where is the music?”

In the world of fake drops and extreme kicks, Sefa remains hopeful that we will find each other in the deeper layers of music. He reveals in the podcast that he will have “a lot of new music” coming up, focusing on cross-pollination between harder styles and different musicians.

Sefa in a new episode of PLAFONDDIENST – The Hardstyle Podcast

Why does Sefa actually have pickles on his rider? And does he think women get an equal chance to break through in the scene? We discuss it in part two of PLAFONDDIENST – De Hardstyle Podcast with Sefa.

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