Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Get ready for an explosive party at Qlimax next weekend, with a lineup that many on social media are applauding as the most outstanding in a long time. Among the names on this special lineup, Showtek is perhaps one of the most notable. With their first hardstyle performance on European soil in over 10 years, this is a set that you absolutely cannot miss as a hardstyle lover.

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After an absence of no less than 15 years, the guys of Showtek are making their hardstyle comeback on the renowned Qlimax stage. “It is difficult to describe our feeling,” brothers Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen tell Festival Season. “We remember exactly how nervous we were in 2006, when we were allowed to perform at Qlimax for the first time. This year we are nervous again, because it has been 15 years since we last stood on the Qlimax stage.”

It doesn’t matter to the men of Showtek that it has taken such a long time. They are very enthusiastic about the performance. “We’ve been preparing for the show for several months and it’s going to be crazy.”

Showtek at Qlimax: what can we expect?

Then the key question: what can we expect from Showtek at Qlimax this year? “We have made a number of remixes and edits, but we are not going to reveal exactly what will be shown at Qlimax yet. This will remain a surprise until the moment we arrive.” What they can already tell us, is that the D-Sturb remix of ‘We Speak Music’ will definitely blast through the speakers.

One day before Qlimax, on November 17, 2023, Showtek will release their album ‘Yellow’. This will not be a typical hardstyle album, but visitors to Qlimax can expect a fully hardstyle show. “And this won’t be our last hardstyle show,” the guys reveal. The mix of hardstyle and EDM shows will be central at Showtek in the near future. “We are working on a very broad and diverse identity. We do everything we can to make every Showtek fan happy, whether they like EDM or keep it hardstyle.”

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