Hard News
By Hard News

Hardstyle fanatics who show their love for the music by taking a hardstyle tattoo are more and more common. Lyrics like Living For The Moment, F#ck The System and Hard With Style are lyrics you  can find more often finalized on people’s bodies. Festival logo’s are popular is well, like those of Defqon.1 and Dominator. The newest innovation in the tattoo business makes it possible to tattoo your favorite song lyric on your body and make it come to life by using your phone.

“Have you lost a loved one that you would like to memorialize forever in a way that you can tell their story and share it with the world? Perhaps you have a favorite song or quote that represents who you are and why you are here. Maybe, you are the life of the party and you love a great joke – one that breaks the ice and invites others to take a step back from the seriousness of life and have a good laugh.”

As you can see in the video above, after the tattoo is done you can use the Soundwave tattoo app to play your personal message or song lyric. For more information about this new form of tattooing visit the Soundwave tattoos website: skinmotion.com/soundwave-tattoos/

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