Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

Yesterday Chris One posted a special picture on his Facebook-page. The photo illustrates the artist who is in the studio working with the one and only Delete. The description of the post says ”The time has come. Chris One meets Delete”. What the exact result will be, has yet to be unknown, but it’s expected that an incredibly hard collab is incoming.

Many know Chris One of his track ‘Psycho‘ and ‘Different Kind Of Therapy‘ with The Machine. Although these are older tracks, they are still being played often. Unfortunately, the artist has been pretty quiet last years. However, once a year he releases a few tracks, but after that the silence comes again. In August he released ‘Deathmatch’. Now that the track has been released and he is in the studio with Delete, it hopefully means that more than one track will be released for 2017. Who knows what’s up for the future of Chris One..

Then, everybody knows the other artists for his hard kicks and performances. On almost every raw hardstyle event Delete is presented. He plays tracks as ‘Until We Die’ with MC Nolz and ‘Sucka For Pain’ with Outbreak. Besides his own tracks en style of performing, the talent also has a liveact called DELETE V.I.P. For this act he creates edits of his own songs to give them a whole different experience. His latest performance was at Supremacy a few weeks ago.

After all, it is still unknown what the collaboration between Chris One and Delete will bring us. Both artists haven’t produced a track together or held any performances. Whatever comes out of their studiosession, will definitely be innovative and original. So, keep on guessing!

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