Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Spoontech Records just came out with big news: a brand new member has been added to the their roster. The raw hardstyle DJ used to be known under another alias until now, but starts with a new name to release his music on Spoontech: Shockrage is now part of the crew.

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The label has revealed the news via their socials: “A brand new power enters our society, please welcome Shockrage to Spoontech Records!” Also the freshly signed artist has shared a post: “Surprise! I’m proud to announce that I have joined Spoontech Records and The Orange Tree Bookings! Be sure to drop a like, my journey has only just begun.” After Vazard, Mind Dimension, The Purge, D-Verze, Stratos, Infirium, Reaperz, Genox and Vyral, Shockrage is the 10th artists joining the label.

Dedicated fans will recognize the face, but the name is brand new. Shockrage used to be known as Re-Shock, now besides the change to Spoontech Records, he also decided to found a new act called Shockrage. In the last weeks, he slowly said goodbye to the former name Re-Shock, e.g. by giving away his latest bootleg for free. With the announcement of signing to a new label, he properly ends with Re-Shock: “For the very last time, Re-Shock OUT…”

Shockrage: “Here to shock your senses” on Spoontech Records

Shockrage already released his track ‘Redemption’ on Spoontech Records last month. For all upcoming productions and more information, check out Shockrage’s and Spoontech Record’s socials.

Footage via Facebook page Shockrage

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