Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

The guys of Sub Zero Project hinted to a follow up of their successfull track ‘Our Church’. For this follow up they will collaborate with Headhunterz again.

Yesterday Sub Zero Project posted a video on their Facebook page, in which they tagged Headhunterz, with he text: ‘To every owner, of an orange heart. Who is ready for a follow-up?’ With this post Nigel and Thomas seem to hint to a new collaboration with Headhunterz. Earlier on Sub Zero Project announced their upcoming debut album Contagion. If this new collab will be on that album isn’t clear at this point.

Headhunterz and Sub Zero Project are working on a follow up of ‘Our Church’

The earlier collaboration between Sub Zero Project and Headhunterz, ‘Our Church’, became second in the Q-Dance Hardstyle Top 100 2018. What the new collab will be called and when it will be released isn’t clear at this stage.

Photo by Instagram page Headhunterz

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