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By Michael Diks

For years Sven Sieperda was 50% of the popular Psyko Punkz duo. Many were shocked when he announced to stop performing as part of Psyko Punkz. Time came to give priority to other things like the fact that he just became a father. At first it was announced that Sven would continue to be active as producer for Psyko Punkz behind the scenes. However, in recent interviews the other half of Psyko Punkz, Wietse, unveiled that this was no longer the case as he now runs the project alone. Now it’s clear why: Sven returns as a solo act under the new name Keltek.


The blood is thicker than water and Sven couldn’t resist the call to return to hardstyle. That’s pretty much what motivated Sven to return under a new alias. While producing in the studio he missed the lack of response to his tracks from an audience. The energy he felt while performing was not there when he produced tracks for other artists. He needs to feed himself with the crowd reaction on his tracks, because that’s why he makes them, so producing for others without getting the feedback on stage would feel very wrong.


That’s why time has come to return to the scene he clearly holds so dearly. A new name, a new act, but still the sound that is so defining for what Sven stands for: Not raw, not euphoric, but straightforward. In the video he points out his feeling that his first track as Keltek feels ‘hard’, even though it isn’t raw hardstyle.

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In the next few weeks more information regarding Keltek will be announced and we’ll discover what we can expect from the new alias. For now, it’s already clear that Keltek signed with Scantraxx Records’s main label. His debut release “Down To Earth” will be released on this leading hardstyle label.

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