Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

On the 4th of February it’s time for the 29th edition of Hard Bass. The party started back in 2001 in club Tropicana, Rotterdam. After different locations the party settled in 2009 in the GelreDome, Arnhem. Since then is has been the location for Hard Bass ever since. To get you psyched for the 2017 edition we got you 10 of the best moments in Hard Bass history.

1. Hard Bass 2014: Minus Militia
In 2014 Minus Militia was born at Hard Bass. During the track ‘ The Spell of Sin’ thousands of visitors chanted the name of Radical Redemption. His reaction is priceless.

2. Hard Bass 2011: Wild Motherfuckers
The Wild Motherfuckers got really crazy at Hard Bass 2011. From 140 bpm to 200 bpm is a good way to close down any event.

3. Hard Bass 2016: NCBM
During the 2016 edition it was NCBM’s (Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators) first performance. It was spectacular and their track ‘Solar’ began with a live saxophone act.

4. Hard Bass 2010: Zany & The Beholder
Zany and The Beholder took care of the live set for Team Blue that evening. They decided to play the Decibel outdoor 2008 anthem ‘Bleeding for the Harder Styles’. The crowd sang the lyrics at an unbelievable volume. Goosebumps everywhere!

5. Hard Bass 2015: Freakz at Night
‘Seven’ is a track from E-Force and quite possibly one of the most popular raw hardstyle tracks ever made. At Hard Bass 2015 Freakz at Night played the track and it was awesome.

6. Hard Bass 2009: The Beholder
‘Be Amazed’ was the anthem of Hard Bass 2009, produced by The Beholder & Max Enforcer. Team Yellow, with The Beholder in their team, played the track as the first one in their set. Epic footage ahead.

7. Hard Bass 2016: 3 The Hard Way
Hard Bass has had a lot of new live-acts who perform for the very first time. This year there was 3 The Hard Way, consisting of Jason Payne, Regain and Requiem, and they decided to close the party with three hardcore edits of their own tracks.

8. Hard Bass 2009: Donkey Rollers
The Donkey Rollers closed Hard Bass 2009 with a special edit of ‘Sound of the Beast’. For the last time DV8 asked the crowd to go and they did.

9. Hard Bass 2012: A² All Stars
The track ‘Sorrow’ of Gunz for Hire is a great atmospheric track, but at Hard Bass 2012 it got even more atmospheric due to A² All Stars Live.

10. Hard Bass 2013: B-Freqz
B-Freqz was born at Hard Bass 2013 and their first track is an absolute banger. We’re talking about ‘Fatality’ of course.

So, Hard Bass 2017 will take place on the 4th of February. The theme this year is a underwater fortress, so be sure that you bring a snorkel with you. Again the four teams will be Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. Check the line-up for Hard Bass 2017 here: Line-up Hard Bass 2017

Presale starts the 5th of November 12.00 hrs (CET) at http://hardbass.tickets.b2s.nl
Tickets with a trip and stay are allready for sale at http://travel.b2s.nl


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