Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Today is Friday the 13th, according to superstitious people the unluckiest day of all. For others this is just the start of the weekend, however it goes wrong often enough – also for harder styles lovers. We’ve put together some unfortunate moments of unlucky ravers, which will never be forgotten.

1. 100 points for this man’s stunt attempt

Imagine you’re at Fatality and you want to impress your friends group or the girl you know is watching you all the time. You take a run-up, start your favorite stunt with all the power you have – and land instead on your feet, right with your face in the sand. Ups…

2. Going up in flames high in the sky…

Once in a life a small man wants to be big. Seen by all people and being able to have the best view from all. He climbs up a tower at Dominator 2013, fist-pumps and gathers the attention from the crowd around him. Until… unexpected heat burns away his bum. This was probably not the attention he was looking for. Luckily, he didn’t get caught by the flames and eventually found his way down faster than he came up.

3. After a long day of partying all you wanna do is relax…

Partying all day is exhausting, so what would be better than falling in your camping chair before heading to the afterparty? This is exactly what this man thought, but the plan wasn’t going so well…

4. I’m comiiiiiing!

This guy was at the Intents VIP deck, but immediately wanted to join his friends down on the dancefloor. Walking down is surely not an option, so he rather took the short way…

5. Unwelcome stage decoration

Life goal: being one time in life on the Defqon.1 RED stage. But how do you archive this goal? These visitors had a brilliant idea: with these bush costumes you stay unrecognized for sure. It went really well for some time… until the security took the unwelcome decoration off stage.

6. When you’re looking for the direction – and totally lose the way

So many directions to go at Dream Village… He was so confused about the way to the next stage, his head just couldn’t stop spinning around. And neither could he…

7. You forgot your pants at home

Many festival visitors double check if they thought of everything before the event. Tickets – check, wallet – check, cigarettes – check. This man was obviously so hyped for the party he was completely out of his mind when leaving the house – and found himself at Dominator without pants. But since he’s already there, he can also dance.

Be smart, be safe and you will find yourself happily ever after dancing to your favorite hardstyle beats and not in these unfortunate situations – even on Friday the 13th.

Footage via Facebook page Dominator Festival

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