Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Today’s talents are tomorrow’s heroes. A new generation of Hardstyle DJs who are playing at more festivals and conquer one big stage after another with their distinctive music: these are all nominees for Best Talent of the Hardstyle Awards 2022.

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Artists such as Headhunterz, B-Front, Atmozfears and Phuture Noize once started at the PURPLE at Defqon.1, a place that can be a kickstart to ‘the big work’ for many talents. Hard News has also hosted various stages t put up-and-coming talent in the spotlights: it is already difficult enough for some to (finally) break through.

In this collaboration with Hardstyle.com, both parties agreed instantly that there should be a Best Talent category. Nevertheless, the statistics showed that the below (and very promising) acts already manage to find the spotlight in the following nominations.

Nominees for Best Talent of 2022 (A-Z)

Level One
The Purge

Lots of talent in the RAW segment

To get straight to the point, we would like to answer a question from you right away. The talent category is framed with different criteria. Not only do we include the number of streams and downloads, but also how long the artist has been working on his career, how many solo releases have been released and how many mainstage performances he (or she) has had. This showed, for example, that Vertileย has already far surpassed the label ‘talent’ and therefore does not participate in this category.

Adjuzt and The Purge are label mates and together they also have a chance to win an award for the Best Live Set at Intents Festival. In fact, The Purge was nominated in 4 out of 6 categories, including Best Album, which once again reinforces its rock-solid year. Anderex and Mutilator have been banging the dancefloor this year and are even responsible for the Gearbox Twin Turbo anthem.

Chances are Aversion’s live edits have had you spinning quite a few pirouettes, because this guy is in tremendous shape. Cryex has come a long way with remixes for major artists, collabs with Radical Redemption and Cryogenic and now even a Shockerz anthem. The Australian Firelite is working very hard on his career and is increasingly bridging the long distance from The Land Down Under to Europe. All great achievements at the start of their careers.

Last but definitely not least are Level One, who is responsible for a remix of Headhunterz’ iconic Scantraxx Rootz, for example. Stormerzย is the big promise from Chile, a country known for the enormous dedication of Hardstyle fans. And Voidax has managed to conquer a place with many enthusiasts with its unique sound: partly due to the enormous energy that the best man has behind the turntables.

Vote for your favorites for the Hardstyle Awards 2022

On the website of hardstyle-awards.com/vote you will find all the nominees of each category. Cast your vote quickly before Tuesday 6 December: you only have a few days left to do this. Who do you think is the Best Talent of 2022?

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