Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

After two years with hardly any events, the events are now back in full force and follow each other in rapid succession. But festival organizers and companies that come to work here have seen many staff leave during the corona crisis. Result: there is barely enough workers available.

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Builders, catering and, light and sound companies are massively looking for new manpower. The shortage of personnel is an “important theme” for the festival industry, according to spokesperson Bente Bollmann of MOJO (one of the largest organisations in the Netherlands and responsible for Lowlands and many other events) to NU.nl. “Many freelancers work in our industry and they were forced to look for other work during the corona crisis because there were no festivals. They now have a job somewhere else.”

Many of these self-employed workers could hardly count on government support during the crisis and have therefore left. A special website from the events industry has already been set up to recruit new people on the basis of vacancies. According to Bollmann, there is “quite a lot of enthusiasm” to work at a festival, but the problem has certainly not been solved yet. “Things are now going in the right direction,” said Bollmann. “It helps that there are actual festivals again, which makes working at such an event on top of mind for people again.”

Festival industry is looking for new employees

Can’t get enough of festivals, and are you still looking for a new (holiday) job? There are plenty of companies where you can get started within the event sector, such as the builders of Unity Event Crew. ID&T also started a new initiative with deleukstezomerbaan.nl to compensate for the staff shortage.

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