Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

This weekend REBELLiON is in full swing and the Saturday of the event was more than successful. From the anthem show of Rejecta and Cryex to the Beyond Trippin’ live act of The Purge – The largest 100% raw hardstyle event in The Dome in Haaren impresses with countless highlights. Today thousands of hardstyle enthusiasts will travel to Brabant again for the second and last day of the event.

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As soon as the first people walk into The Dome, the atmosphere at REBELLiON is already good. The impressive sight of the flags of the artists performing, which can be found throughout various rooms, creates a festive mood. Even at the very beginning of the party, around 14:30, raw hardstyle fans make themselves heard with a joint ‘GEARBOX‘ when Anderex plays the Twin Turbo anthem in his set with Code Black. The tone for the weekend has been set (and you can still buy tickets for today).


Less than half an hour later, Exproz manages to completely fill the REBORN RAW. With songs like ‘Drop It’ and ‘Relentless‘ he ensures that no one has time to stand still. ‘Flying‘ is also played, a song whose screeches go straight through the sound.

From gated kicks to saw kicks: you will find it on REBELLiON

Mutilator also managed to fill the REBELLiON mainstage from front to back. His dirty gated kicks, which are very popular with the enthusiastic audience, cause the well-known “ooooh” from the audience. When he starts ‘WHITE_NOISE’ by his Gearbox colleagues DEEZL and So Juice, it is the sign for many visitors to put on their best bass face.


Besides attending big sets, the schedule at the event is busy. For example, there is a huge queue in the middle of the day for the meet & greet with D-Sturb. The boiler room is also an excellent addition to the event – with a number of sets, such as that of the only 13-year-old Miss Isa, this extra room is completely full. The boiler room construction ensures that the curious audience can look over the young DJ’s shoulders, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Miss Isa puts on a great set with the best raw hits of the moment.

Only highlights on REBELLiON

A set that many people are looking forward to is The Purge. With Beyond Trippin’, the Italian DJ takes everyone on a journey through time. New songs and collapses blast through the speaker, interspersed with tracks such as ‘TUNNELVISION’ and ‘BEUK D’R IN‘ with EZG. The colorful lights and visuals are spectacular during this set. They ensure that you are completely drawn into the set – and when the last uptempo sounds blast through the speakers, the set seems to fly by.

The rest of Saturday’s REBELLiON is a series of highlights. D-Sturb manages to make a deep impression with Playground 06: LIMITLESS (and you can already watch it online) and the guys from Rebelion put on a fantastic set that leaves you wanting more. Malice also contributes by performing his songs from the brand new live act ‘My Therapy’ for the first time, which creates quite a bit of excitement in the room. The anime visuals look great on the spacious REBELLiON main stage.


Take your chance: the last tickets for REBELLiON are going fast

Anyone who wants to join the party today at The Dome in Haaren is in luck. The very last tickets for REBELLiON 2023 are available via the event’s official website. Enjoy Rebelion’s final The Second Dose show one last time, or join sets from B-Front vs. Rejecta, Rooler, Bloodlust and Dual Damage.

Images via REBELLiON / Kelly

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