Hard News
By Hard News

Main Concern, the experimental Spoontech duo from Sweden, has announced that they have decided to pull the plug out of their project. Both gentlemen agreed that they have too much going on in their personal lives at the moment to focus on Main Concern, so therefore they made the following announcement.

“As most of you know, we’ve been very busy with our personal lives lately. John just started studying and Nick is working very hard on his job. In almost exactly one year John will be leaving Sweden to study abroad for a longer period of time. This lead us to start discussing our future due to the fact that we’d most likely have to take a break while John is gone.

We came to the conclusion that we don’t want to do that. The Main Concern project is far too important to us to let it slowly die because we go into new phases in our lives. We’ve decided to give it one last year where we’ll try all we got to make sure that we go out with a boom. We got a lot of exciting stuff planned that we hope you’ll like, more information will be revealed as the year progress!”

Because of their decision to quit they want to end this year in style by creating as much memories as possible. It’s very sad to see these guys step out of the scene. Their experimental sound was something that many felt necessary to keep our scene fresh from time to time. Main Concern had some big bookings last year, like closing down the Loudness area at Decibel and the Hangar at Q-BASE.

We want to wish Nick & John nothing but luck and happiness with their personal lives. And of course we support them with their goal to make this a memorable year.

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