Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Since 1997 DJ Magazine (DJ Mag) puts together a top 100 annually. The list is seen as a worldwide measure for the success of artists who are active in the EDM. The list is composed by the DJ Mag based on the votes of the audience, so it is an election. Each year, a certain period will be assigned in which people can vote. Some artists try to win votes through campaigns during this period.

The election counted more than one million votes in 2005. Due to this the DJ Mag Top 100 can be seen as the world’s biggest music election. This list is very important for many artists, because it has a huge influence on the bookings and the popularity of them. Up until now, Armin van Buuren is the artist who got voted number #1 the most often in the DJ Mag Top 100. The crowd chose Armin as the best DJ for 5 times.

A subcategory for the Hardstyle fans is of course the one of the highest noted hard dance artist. Last year, Angerfist had the honor to be the highest noted hard dance artist in the DJ Mag Top 100 as number 38. This is the list of the highest noted artists who represent the harder styles in the DJ Mag Top 100 of 2015.

#38. Angerfist
#49. Coone
#53. Brennan Heart
#72. Radical Redemption
#73. Frontliner
#79. Da Tweekaz
#87. Zatox
#94. Miss K8


This year, the people were able to vote for their favorite artists once more. The crowd could vote from the 6th of July till the 14th of September for this year’s top 100. Secretly, we hope that the popularity of hard dance artists will grow throughout the years.  The result has been published on Wednesday the 19th of October during the award show in the Heineken Music Hall. The event continued until the early hours.

There are some changes in the new DJ Mag Top 100 of 2016. Frontliner disappeared from the list. Once again, Angerfist is the highest noted hard dance artist. He went down to number 46. Coone dropped to number 57 and Brennan Heart dropped to number 59. On the other hand Radical Redemption and Da Tweekaz rose in the list. Radical climbed to number 68 and Da Tweekaz even rose 8 spots. This is how the list looks like:

#46. Angerfist
#57. Coone
#59. Brennan Heart
#68. Radical Redemption
#71. Da Tweekaz
#88. Miss K8
#92. Zatox

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