Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

On the 19th of November it is time for a new edition of Qlimax, the indoor flagship of Q-dance. Once again, the Gelredome in Arnhem will be the home for the famous event. From 9 o’clock, 27.500 visitors both national and international will follow the magical path.

The pre-sale started on the 17th of September, but the event was sold-out immediately just like every edition of Qlimax. Other possibilities such as hotel packages are also sold-out.

”Transcend the physical and enter the mystical…”

Every year Q-dance implements the theme down to the last detail. Both the show and the decoration looks stunning each year. The upcoming edition will be fully devoted to magic and mystery. The theme is completely represented in the news coverage of the organisation. This caused people to speculate about the line-up and the creator of the anthem. Q-dance likes to keep the crowd busy prior to the event. It’s not yet clear who will be responsible for the anthem, but this will be announced around the end of this month.

‘’Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.’’

With this message Q-dance surprised us with the announcement of Project One. After a short reappearance of Headhunterz on Defqon.1, it would be plausible that it was time for a comeback of the famous act. The legendary duo already performed on the impressive stage of Qlimax in 2008. It is a great remembrance for many. Qlimax 2016 is promised to be an unforgettable event because of this revelation.

The line-up of the event is revealed in a mysterious way. The artists got announced one by one through a short video on their facebook page. Recently, Q-dance have given us all the names that will attent the magical ritual during Qlimax – Rise of the Celestials.

  • Tuneboy
  • Audiotricz
  • Brennan Heart
  • Coone
  • Project One Live
  • Bass Modulators
  • Frequencerz
  • B-Front
  • Angerfist
    MC: Villain


  • Royalty Vampire Wolf Sex Goddess 06 November 2016 - 03:50

    Hello to all of you Sexy Celestials!! I want to rise with my team of sexy sexy sweet Celestials. We will all rise together soon. Celestials!!! We will have the best Sex and Love each other. All of us Celestials master planned this out thousands of years ago. We will notice each other, we will be attracted to eachother. When we are all together then, we all have the magical, powerful, powers. A telepathic bond. We have mind to mind conversation. We will Love Each other Always and forever nonstop, never ending. Then we will rise together. Celestials lets start attracting to each other now. The time is 12:00 Midnight on November 19, 2016. That is when the rise of the Celestials begins!! I love you! & I love you too!& I love you more! Im wanting you so good! Im wanting you to want me so good!! I want you too sexy and too sweet!!! We are the best!!!


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