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By Nina van Zelst

Two players within the hard dance scene will be combining their strengths: Spoontech Records’ booking agency – The Orange Tree Bookings – will be joining hands together with the talented Upcoming DJ Management. We talked to Jamie and Wendy about the world of bookings and management, the story behind this collaboration and of course all that awaits us.  

Upcoming DJ consists of 3 different companies: Upcoming DJ Management, Upcoming Records and Upcoming Events. Led by Wendy, these three together offer a platform for talents on the rise within the hard dance scene. Right now, no less than 6 artists are under the care of Upcoming DJ Management: Cryex, Ressurectz, Vasto, Scarra, Restless and MC Synergy.

“You’re young and you’re talented, but you find yourself in a world with so many new things. Upcoming DJ Management accompanies, supports, coaches and manages its artists in every move they make within their musical career”, so Wendy explains. Upcoming Records and Upcoming Events support the talents with both a place for their releases and a place on stage. “Our record label only works with single release contracts, so artists don’t have to sign any long-term contracts, but can release professionally.

“The Orange Tree supports artists with their socials, but also with financial and personal matters”

The Orange Tree Bookings was founded to provide the artists of Spoontech Records with their own agency. Recently, Jamie became the sole owner, and provides bookings for artists such as The Purge, Mind Dimension, Genox, Vyral and MC Barricade. “It took a while, because in the beginning the label was mainly focusing on releasing music – so not on the number of bookings or becoming more popular. This is why Spoontech Records has always remained its underdog position.”

Hardstyle lovers generally don’t know a lot about the world of booking agencies. This is why Jamie shares a little on her day-to-day work. “The Orange Tree Bookings is working very hard to make its artists well-known within the scene.” Of course this takes a lot of work, for example actively selling the artists to organisations. “Furthermore I also support the artists in other ways, such as with their socials, but also with financial and personal matters.” 

“Personal guidance and contact with the artists are very important to us”

Soon these two worlds will collide, and The Orange Tree Bookings & Upcoming DJ Management will combining their strengths. Wendy and Jamie met during a collaboration at an Upcoming event; a collab that left them wanting more… “We clicked right away, and it became clear we both have a great passion for what we do. Furthermore, personal guidance and contact with the artists are both very important to us.”

According to the two women, it was definitely time to take the next step. Wendy: “Everyone has their own qualities. So far, we’ve been arranging the bookings for the artists ourselves, but since they are growing and more and more bookings are coming in, it’s time to take the next step. My strength lies in coaching and managing the artists, and Jamie’s strength lies in the entire process of artist bookings.” Combining these two will therefore be the best of both worlds.

“We will take advantage of each other’s qualities and knowledge”

But, what is this collaboration going to look like; what will be combined, what will remain apart? “We will take advantage of each other’s qualities and knowledge, so we’ll be able to really take it to the next level for our artists. Furthermore we both believe together we can offer a more complete management to the artists.” So as of now, Upcoming DJ will keep focusing on management and coaching, and The Orange Tree Bookings will be the link between organisations and artists. Everything to make sure the artists can keep developing themselves!

Besides the booking agency and the management joining forces, they of course still own their record labels Spoontech Records and Upcoming Records.”The two labels release a whole other style of music, so they won’t be working directly together. But, since the artists are now under the same booking agency, this could definitely mean surprising collabs will await you in the future…

“The men are working very hard in the studio, there’s a lot of good music coming!”

So, as a hardstyle lover you’ll definitely experience the collaboration of The Orange Tree Bookings and Upcoming DJ Management yourself, besides the upcoming new tracks. “For all of you there will be way more possibilities to see the artists at events! The hardstyle lover will also have the possibility to see the men grow from a talent to a well-known name, which of course is very nice as well.” 

With this new collaboration, the future of The Orange Tree Bookings and Upcoming DJ Management promises great things. Both women can already give us a glimpse of what’s to come, Jamie: “We are very busy preparing 2020, but you will already find the Upcoming DJ Management artists at a couple of great events this year – among which the very first booking of the entire team in Finland!”

Also Wendy spills a couple of beans: “The men are working very hard in the studio and there’s a lot of music coming your way! Keep an eye on our socials and enjoy all of the upcoming releases!”

To be kept updated on the latest news, you can keep a close eye on the socials of The Orange Tree Bookings & Upcoming DJ Management. Keep your eyes and ears open, because according to the women this collaboration will lead to many great things! 

Footage via Facebook-page Upcoming DJ Management

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