Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The Pitcher is a well-loved name within the hardstyle scene, which has been stealing the hearts of music lovers for many years now with tracks like ‘Pump It Loud’ and ‘I Just Can’t Stop’. Right now the men are working on a brand new project, which to this day is still very secret… 

The Pitcher is a collaboration by Luc van Veghel and Michel Pollen, of which you can see Luc behind the decks. At this very moment the gentlemen are working on ‘This Is My Sound’, a brand new project they have been teasing for weeks now, with tags such as #newmusic.

Yesterday a little sneak peek was given with the very first part of a mini-documentary. According to the teaser this docu will consist of three parts: the Past, Present and Future of The Pitcher. In the first part they show you how the act originated, during which you live through both the ups and the downs of the men.

“Find out about not only the coming of age of a genre, but of The Pitcher. Two guys struggling in finding their way in music.. And in life..”

To what the documentary will lead to and what the project ‘This Is My Sound’ exactly is all about, is both still unclear. Can fans get excited about a brand new The Pitcher album at last…? For now it’s all still speculation, so you’ll have to wait for the Present and Future of the mini-documentary which will provide more clarity: “To be continued.”


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