Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

The Hardstyle scene was groping in the dark about the new concept of Sub Zero Project. Two teasers appeared on the official channels beforehand, which raised questions. Upfront, people thought that it would be a live-act and nothing is less true.

The duo announced in the official videoclip of the new track ‘The Project’ that the concept will be a new live-act indeed. Sub Zero Project LIVE will given a complete new look as can be seen in the videoclip. The new track contains influences of psytrance and their own iconic sound which they develop throughout the years. ‘The Project’ was played at Shockerz during the LIVE performance of Sub Zero Project. The crowd was surprised, but seemed to like the new influences.

The new track is the kick-off of a serie of tracks which will be released under this concept. This means that there will be more tracks under this concept which will be represented in the fresh live-act ofSub Zero Project. In 2017 they want to focus on their productions in the studio. This track is just the beginning of The Project.

Sub Zero Project has been doing great lately. The track ‘The Meltdown’ with Devin Wild, which was published at the end of last year, has more than halve a million views on Youtube. It is clear that they gained quite some popularity within the scene and they’ve proven that they are more than ready for this year.


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