Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Sustainability is becoming more and more important these days, but in the world of festivals there don’t seem to be a lot of measures taken just yet. The Qontinent is about to change this and will introduce a brand new payment system for sustainable festivals! 

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By introducing the new payment system this weekend, The Qontinent will become a lot more sustainable than the average hardstyle festival. The system works as follows: as a visitor you’ll receive a free eco token along with your festival band. When you order a drink, you first have to return your empty cup/bottle or trade in your eco token. If you have nothing to trade, you have to pay an extra ticket for your drink.

In this way, The Qontinent will fight for “a proper festival and a better environment” and keep the green terrain of Puyenbroeck plastic free. With these measures, The Qontinent is one of the first big harder styles festivals that wants to send a clear message about sustainability.

“So don’t throw anything away!”

The Qontinent 2019 – Island of Intensity will take place this weekend on the 9th, 10th and 11th of August at the Wachtebeke in Belgium. Do you want to be there as well? It’s still possible! The very final tickets are still available via the official website of the event.

Footage via Facebook-page The Qontinent

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