Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Qlimax is known for its impressive stages combined with enchanting shows. As a visitor you only get to see the end result in all its glory, but of course this needs quite the work beforehand. This year WIcreations was responsible for the 8000 kilos heavy Geisha stage, and now explain  the undertakings involved in creating such a piece of art. 

First of all, a team that would get full responsibility of the Geisha was put together. This team consisted out of different departments, organisations and even assignments: among others, the design, the creation, the technical animations and the movement of the stage during Qlimax had to be taken care of. “The crew worked split-shifts during the programming period so they could keep going and maximise the window available to achieve some of the complex and unique moves, as requested by the client Q-dance.”

Affter designing the stage (take a look at the photos down below), it was time to create the grand Geisha. The head consisted of nine moving parts and weighed a whopping eight (!) ton. Each element had to be calculated very precisely, so the parts would move together perfectly and the Gelredome’s roof would be able to carry the weight. The forehead of the Geisha carried the largest weight with a good 1.2 ton. Also the Qlimax logo weighed a high 800 kilos, and had a special engine so it would be able to move fluently with the Geisha.

All the moving elements were connected to WIcreations’ Motion Control System (MCA) during Qlimax, which was under constant supervision. A massive amount of detail needed dealing with… like ensuring that no cables passed in front of or were visible on any of the other elements as they moved.

“The Geisha was a hugely successful concept which left a memorable stamp on this year’s Qlimax”

All in all there’s a lot going on behind creating a Q-dance stage. For the entire technical story of the Geisha and the team behind it, you can visit WIcreations’ website. Perhaps the organisation will create another Q-dance stage in the future, since they have provided for Dominator Festival multiple times already, and they created the stage for Qlimax 2008 – Flower of Life.

Footage via Facebook-page Q-dance

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