Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

A real festival lover can already smell the wide open fields from the first day of spring. For months he’s waited inside, ready to come out and play. Finally the time has come to go out and play again, and we can’t wait to join you.

While most festivals take place during the day, it seems like the stages don’t come alive until it gets dark. As soon as the sun disappears the lights, lasers and fireworks comes out. That’s why we found 31 festivals that undergo a beautiful transformation between day and night.

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1. 7th Sunday / Harmony of Hardcore

7th sunday 2015 day7th sunday 2015 night

2. WiSH Outdoor

wish outdoor 2015 daywish outdoor 2015 night

3. Ultra Music Festival

ultra music festival 2015 dayultra music festival 2015 night

4. Tomorrowland

tomorrowland 2015 daytomorrowland 2015 night

5. The Flying Dutch Festival

the flying dutch 2015 daythe flying dutch 2015 night

6. Summerfestival

summerfestival 2015 daysummerfestival 2015 night

7. Q-dance @ Mysteryland

q-dance mysteryland 2015 dayq-dance mysteryland 2015 night

8. Q-dance @ Electric Love Festival

q-dance electric love 2015 dayq-dance electric love 2015 night


q-base 2015 dayq-base 2015 night

10. Pussy Lounge At The Park

pussy lounge at the park 2015 daypussy lounge at the park 2015 night

11. Mysteryland

mysteryland 2015 daymysteryland 2015 night

12. Loudfest

loudfest 2015 dayloudfest 2015 night

Check out part 2 here.
Check out part 3 here.

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