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A while ago a new Facebook page appeared out of nowhere with the name ‘Notorious Two‘. The fact that it’s all about a new Hardstyle act was quickly revealed when we discovered that Fusion Records was connected to this.

Until now it had been unknown who the Notorious Two are because they don’t like to talk much. But today Fusion Records uploaded a video which shows them both. Check out the video below.

Luckily we didn’t have to wait long to hear any of their music, because a recent episode of Digital Punk‘s Unleashed contains a take-over with 3 of their tracks. This rather violent take-over happens right at the start of the podcast. Many other acts make us wait a long time for any music, so we’re happy that these guys decided to unleash it straight away.

The following tracks appear in the podcast:
1. Notorious Two – Going Under
2. Notorious Two – Gangsta
3. Notorious Two – California Dreamers


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