Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Within the harder styles, new tracks are being released every single day. Behind these releases there is often a special story, of which you aren’t always aware. This is why we listed 6 of the most emotional stories behind tracks. 

1. Ran-D & Reddix – Until We Meet Again

In 2011, Ran-D and Reddix released their track ‘Until We Meet Again’. They created the track for Reddix’ brother Koen, who was murdered without reason in front of a club. The track is a tribute to Reddix his brother: “Until we meet again.”

“This track has a special meaning. On the 7th of March 2010 Redixx’s brother was murdered, without reason, in front of a club where Redixx is a resident DJ. His name is Koen Buitelaar, and his family and friends still miss him every day. This track is tribute to Koen. We can’t get him back, but he lives on in our memory.”

2. Coone – Faye

For his daughter Faye, Coone wrote his “most emotional track so far”. In this track, he talks to his daughter and gives her advice for the future. Also the videoclip is very special, since you can find photos of his fans and colleagues with their children.

“If you have to fight then fight for something, when you fall in love don’t love for nothing. If I’m not around just know I’m always coming home for you. I know that you’re strong just like your mother, every time you smile my walls they crumble. Even when it hurts cause I can’t stay, I’m always with you Faye.”

3. Da Tweekaz ft Marion Kelly – Become

In 2011, Da Tweekaz also created one of its emotional tracks so far: ‘Become. The track was released for the victims of the terroristic attack on the Norwegian Island Utøya. Here, Breivik – who has extreme political and anti-Islamic views – shot 69 kids in cold blood. Da Tweekaz wanted to show its respect by creating ‘Become’. In an earlier interview, Marcus shared his experience.

“A lot of the victims’ friends were in the crowd when we played it. They were crying, and I was crying on stage. I will never ever forget that. I had sunglasses on, and they couldn’t see I was crying, but tears were just running down. I couldn’t stop.”

4. Mark With A K – See Me Now (For What It’s Worth)

In ‘See Me Now’, Mark With A K tells the story about the relationship between him and his father. He also pictured the troubled relationship in the impressive videoclip, with the following explanation:

“When I was 17 I lost my father. He never showed me any support and often told me I was going to turn out as a nobody. That is mainly the reason I’m very critical towards everything I do, it seems like it’s never good enough. My mother and sister always tell me he should come back one more time to tell me he’s proud of me. I wonder what would he say, if he could see me now…”

5. Wasted Penguinz – Make It One Day

The men from Wasted Penguinz have been struggling with mental issues for years. In their track Make It One Day‘, they explain they’ll make it some day and they will always remain strong. In an earlier interview, the men openly discussed their mental issues and how they translate this into their music:

“We both suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve been struggling with this since I was 14 years old, it’s a part of our lives and we can’t just take it away. By making music we set our feelings aside. We really put our emotions in our music and that’s why it mostly has a message. Some people go boxing when they struggle with stress or something else, to lose their frustrations. We make music.”

6. Partyraiser & Destructive Tendencies – Sound Becomes One

A harder track, but this doesn’t mean it has less emotion. Partyraiser and Destructive Tendencies created Sound Becomes One for Wesley’s dad, who passed away. The track was received just as lovingly, and was crowned the number one hardcore track of 2015.

“Two and a half years ago my daddy passed away. I like to dedicate this song to him. Rest in peace pap! Everybody stay strong, through all the hard times in life.”

Of course this is just a small selection of all the emotional stories. There are countless of tracks such as ‘Heroes‘, ‘Alive‘, ‘Times Gettin’ Hardand ‘Parachutes, with which producers also want to put out a beautiful message. All in all, our hard scene isn’t all bangers, but also a lot of emotion!

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