Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The moment is here. This is the official anthem of the loudest festival on earth: Decibel outdoor 2018! None less than Brennan Heart is responsible for the track that warms you up for the festival of the year. Getting excited? Check out the anthem down below!

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From the legendary sounds of back in the days, to the rough kicks of today and the ultimate summer feeling that’s part of Decibel: this anthem has it all. “I deliberately created sort of a triptych this year. That means the older sounds and kicks in the intro, a break with a summer feeling and the drop is a slightly rougher kick than the kick I normally use. The outro is also somewhat harder. Not extremely rough, but festival worthy though. I think it can be interesting for everyone.”, says Brennan Heart.

Brennan Heart – Fuelled by Fanatics (Decibel outdoor 2018 anthem)

Add ‘Fuelled by Fanatics (Official Decibel outdoor 2018 Anthem)’ to your playlist and prepare for the ultimate festival destination. Steam or download the anthem now via this page. Play it loud!

Don’t have your tickets for Decibel outdoor 2018 yet? Visit the festival in Saturday the 18th of August or experience a whole weekend of Decibel. Grab yours now via the official ticketshop and make sure you’re there. Want to know more? Check out www.decibeloutdoor.com.

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