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None other than Hard Driver en Mr. Dirty Workz have created the Intents 2016 anthem ‘It’s All In The Game’. Intents Festival, which is voted by the Dutch festival visitor as best dance festival of 2015, has uploaded the track with impressive impressions of the event.

Coone & Hard Driver – It’s All In The Game

Koen (Coone) en Freek (Hard Driver) already have quite some experience with making anthems and they worked a lot together, for example under their pseudonym Ambassador Inc. So it is not surprising they produced the anthem for the festival, which takes place at 3, 4 and 5 June in Oisterwijk.


‘It’s All In The Game’ is this year’s theme of Intents Festival. With the Funfair Of Madness in 2015 and The Lost Treasure in 2014 ‘De Kloontjes’ guarantees the best atmospheres. This year the foundation will come with a sports theme.

The mainstage, or should we say ‘Arena of Champions’ is the place where the games come to life. In correspondence to the theme ‘It’s All In The Game’, the indoor mainstage, ‘Ring of Glory’, will be transformed into a combat sports arena.

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