Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Behind the hardstyle tracks that are blasted through the speakers, lies the story of a producer who has made quite some hours in their studio. Even though this remains an ‘invicible’ aspect, these studio’s are often an artwork on their own: including the Warface studio.

Photo’s of the brand-new Warface studio were posted today, and it is an understatement to say it looks good. Quinten Beekman, owner of the company Q82 Acoustics, is responsible for this new studio of which you can find the pictures down below. From the door, to the carpet and the walls: everything is themed Warface and is finished to the last detail.

Live for This in de AFAS Live

This studio will probably house quite some man-hours leading up to Warface’s first solo-event: Live for This in the AFAS Live, which will take place the 1st of December. In our interview with Youri about the solo-event, he told us that there are even more exciting things coming our way.

Footage via Alive at Night

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