Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

A brand new video has just went up about DEDIQATED – the 20th anniversary of Q-dance in the Gelredome. In this video, it looks like the organisation is sharing what you can expect from the event: from The Qlubtempo Parade to The Best of Power Hour, and from Ode to in Qontrol all the way to Legends Reunited. 

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In the previous DEDIQATED video, Q-dance already gave us a sneak peek about all of the artists who might be performing at the event. Now in the new video, you’ll find numerous of concepts which truly represent the full spectrum of 20 years of Q-dance. Underneath you can have a look at a small part of what you can expect, but you will definitely be able to discover more in the brand new video!

In the video we saw among others The Hardstyle Top 25, The Qlubtempo Parade, Millennium Hardcore Mayhem, The Best of Power Hour, Legends Reunited, Viva Hollandia, The Birth of Raw, Ode to in Qontrol, Early Rave Rebels & Bella Hardstyle Italia. This means DEDIQATED will definitely be a unique celebration and a true journey through all the different styles and concepts by Q-dance.

“We only celebrate our birthday once every ten years…”

DEDIQATED – 20 years of Q-dance will take place on the 8th of February from 12:00 until 23:00 in the Gelredome in Arnhem. Ticket sales will start this Saturday the 9th of November at 13:00 via the official Q-dance website. Be quick, because the first DEDIQATED visitors already received their tickets via the pre-registration sale!

Footage via Facebook-page Defqon.1 

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