Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday, IMPAQT released the entire floorplan for the very first edition of the festival. In 3 different territories, which all represent a different genre of the harder styles, you will be able to enjoy the biggest artists in the scene at no less than 6 stages. This is what you can expect from the brand new IMPAQT. 

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Q-dance will make sure you will close down the festival season in the most epic way possible, both by day and by night. The three big stages – The Colossus, The Octogon & The Invader – the infamous successor of Q-BASE will make sure this will be the ultimate place to be for lovers of the harder styles. According to Q-dance, the festival will be all about show and experience, at the well-known grounds of Airport Weeze.

Q-BASE worked with hosting partners, but IMPAQT is changing things up with 3 different territories each representing their own ‘world’. Within these worlds there are Titans ruling over 2 stages per territory. In this way, you can really enjoy the entire spectrum of the harder styles: IMPAQT will make sure there’s a balance between famous heroes and musical newcomers, by introducing one grand stage and one progressive stage in each territory.

Territory 01: Harder Styles

At the mainstage The Colossus the biggest names within the hardstyle are waiting for you, among them D-Block & S-te-FanWildstylez and Phuture Noize. The second stage The Dome will be all about iconic live-acts such as Frequencerz presents Get Wack!, Gunz for Hire presents Blood Brothers and a special ’25 Years Set’ by none other than Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo.

Territory 02: Raw

In the legendary hangar The Octogon you can expect raw hardstyle pioneers such as Act of Rage, B-Front & MystD-Sturb and Rejecta presents The Rise of Rejecta. As true raw hardstyle soldiers you definitely don’t want to miss out on the bunker The Nest… Here, raw will be taken to the next level with artists like Bloodlust and Malice behind the decks.

Territory 03: Hardcore

At the big The Invader stage you will be able to enjoy the best of hardcore in the open air, where among others AngerfistN-Vitral and Destructive Tendencies will blast a high BPM all across Airport Weeze. In the hardcore bunker The Armoury they will push the tempo even more with DJs such as DRS LIVE, Spitnoise Vandal!sm & Chaotic Hostility and The Satan LIVE. As icing on the cake there will be more than enough to enjoy for frenchcore lovers as well…

“Are you ready to face the titans?”

Do you want to witness the ‘grand finale’ of the festival season? IMPAQT 2019 – Festival of Titans will take place on the 7th of September at the Airport Weeze in Germany. Tickets are still available via the official Q-dance website, on which you’ll also find more information about the brand new festival.

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