Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Tomorrowland is going to collaborate with Plopsaland De Panne to set up another rollercoaster this summer. This gives the amusement park in Belgium the “most spectacular rollercoaster in Europe” in the theme of the festival.

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The theme ‘The Ride To Happiness by Tomorrowland’ will be created in by the Belgian festival. “The creative team works together with the Plopsa Group to translate the unique atmosphere that prevails in Boom every summer into this unique partnership.” This ‘extreme spinning coaster’ will be 35 meters high, reach speeds of 90 kilometers per hour and rolls over 5 times. According to Het Nieuwsblad, the construction of the rollercoaster will cost 17.5 million euros.

In addition, the attraction will also have its own soundtrack, with Hans Zimmer’s Tomorrowland tune as a common thread. “It will make the experience extra sensational for every visitor”, says Plopsa director Van den Kerkhof. “Through this partnership, we will both be able to entertain an even larger audience, which will only make each other stronger.” In the future, both parties hope to join forces more often for other European amusement park projects.

Plopsaland and Tomorrowland are building a rollercoaster together: ‘The Ride To Happiness by Tomorrowland’

In recent years, hardstyle has become increasingly important at Tomorrowland. In addition to the magical Q-dance stage, more and more artists from the genre can also be found on the enormous mainstage. What would it be like to be on a hardstyle rollercoaster..?

Footage taken from Facebook page Tomorrowland

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