Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

The wait is finally over: the B-Freqz album release is on its way. With this, we can expect a tracklist release. The album contains 17 tracks, some of which are already familiar, some are edits of existing tracks and a few are completely new. To find out which tracks are on the album, you can check out the tracklist down below.


B-Freqz album release

The release of the album takes place on REBiRTH Festival day 2. In the past the albums of B-Front and Frequencerz were released here as well: a huge party is guaranteed! Tickets for REBiRTH Festival can be purchased here. The album of the Roughstate gentlemen can still be pre-ordered too, this can be done via this link.

Tracklist of B-Freqz ‘Eclipse’

01. B-Freqz – 5 Years Ago (Interlude Eclipse)
02. B-Freqz – The Story
03. B-Freqz Feat. Nolz – The Crew
04. B-Freqz Feat. Jonjo – Rebirth (Official Anthem 2018)
05. B-Freqz – Destiny
06. B-Freqz – Lights
07. B-Freqz – The Eclipse
08. B-Freqz – Freedom
09. B-Freqz – Fatality (Phuture Noize Remix)
10. B-Freqz – Hope
11. B-Freqz – From Hell
12. B-Freqz – Paralyzed
13. B-Freqz – Techno
14. B-Freqz – Low Key
15. B-Freqz – Delusion 2014
16. B-Freqz – Ghost Town (Live Edit)
17. B-Freqz – One Of A Kind (Live Edit)


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