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TWSTD, consisting of Rohan de Soet and Edgar Smits, is now part of the WE R Music label. In 2013 none other than Brennan Heart founded the record label. The tracks of these talents will be released on WE R Raw.

The new addition is as proud as a peacock:

“Imaginary… No words to describe how proud we are that we are officially signed to the major Hardstyle label: WE R Music, from mister Brennan Heart! Our releases will be on WE R Raw, and we promise you, we’ve got a lot in stock for you guys. Thanks for your support so far and stay tuned for the first preview!”

The first release of the two gentlemen is set on the 16th of May. Listen to a preview of the track below.

52:13 | TWSTD ft MC I See – Twisted Fuck

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